A platform for research and technology transfer,
as the engine for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the past INFONOR 2019, more than 35 scientific papers were received, increasing its call in each new version.

In INFONOR 2019, 24 papers were accepted, all of them reviewed by an evaluation committee composed of more than 60 leading national and international researchers.

INFONOR 2019 selected 15 papers that were indexed in the Chilean engineering journal (INGENIARE), highlighting relevant topics in each of them.


Automation and Robotics

This Workshop aims to create a workspace in which students, academics, professionals and researchers, can announce annually, the state of the art in the disciplines of Automation and Robotics in different areas.

Data and Knowledge Engineering

This workshop is aimed at researchers who seek to investigate issues that address new technologies, solutions and the market, around Data Science.

Innovation and Technology Transfer

This space is focused on those interested in innovation, technology transfer, intellectual protection, spin-off and innovation.

Computer and Informatics Education

This space is aimed at computer and technology professionals who seek to discuss and exchange knowledge in educational topics with a focus on information technology.

Software Process Improvement

This workshop provides an opportunity to present scientific papers that have as their main topic related to the improvements, creation and processes around a software product.

Atacama Gallery

Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert, the most arid non-polar desert on Earth, extends in the North of Chile, covering the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Atacama and the north of Coquimbo; It covers an area of approximately 105,000 km².​

Atacama Region

It is made up of the provinces of Chañaral, Copiapó and Huasco, and the regional capital is the city of Copiapó, located 806 km north of the national capital, Santiago de Chile. The main urban center of the region is the Copiapó-Tierra Amarilla Conurbation with 167 956 inhabitants, followed by Vallenar with 51 917 inhabitants according to the 2017 Chilean Census.

Salar de Maricunga

The Salar de Maricunga is located 160 kilometers northeast of Copiapó, Chile, on the way to the San Francisco border crossing. There are different assessments of your hydrological area. In some studies, the surface of the basin has been determined at 2200 and 3050 km², but the 1987 National Water Balance gives it an area of 2620 km².

Copiapó Valley

The Copiapó Valley, located southeast of the regional capital, will surprise you with its landscapes, where desert hills predominate whose aridity is cut by the fertile valley full of history and crowned by the imposing mountains. Highlights include sites such as the Mining Museum of Tierra Amarilla, the Site Museum of the Transit Mine, Laguna Verde, the Ojos del Salado Volcano (6893 m.s.n.m), Mar de Dunas where the imposing Medanoso is erected, Tres Cruces Snowy Park and other wonderful sites.

University of Atacama

The University of Atacama is a public and traditional university of the State of Chile, member of the Consortium of State Universities of Chile, and the Council of Rectors of the Chilean Universities, being also part of the Grouping of Regional Universities of Chile. Its Central House is located in Copiapó, Atacama Region, Chile. It also has offices in Santiago, Vallenar and Caldera

Caldera - Bahía Inglesa

Bahía Inglesa is a seaside resort on the Atacama Desert coast in northern Chile, known for its beaches. Among them, there is La Piscina beach, a protected cove with rock formations that enclose clear and calm waters. The windy coast on the south side makes Las Machas and Cisne beaches popular places for water sports.


University of Atacamaa

The University of Atacama is a Regional Higher Education Institution, which teaches undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate teaching in all areas of knowledge, training professionals, technicians and graduates with a scientific base, highly competent and socially responsible.

University Católica del Norte

The Mission of the University Catolica del Norte is, from the beginning of Christian Humanism to contribute to the development of the person, society and their cultural heritage, in the North of Chile, creating and disseminating knowledge through teaching, research and the link with the environment.

University Arturo Prat

The University Arturo Prat is a State University, of a regional nature, that seeks to contribute to quality academic training in all its modalities, with emphasis on the continuity of studies from the level of technical and professional training to postgraduate.

University of Tarapacá

The University of Tarapacá is a state regional Higher Education institution committed to academic excellence and continuous quality improvement. The institution carries out its work in the Arica and Parinacota Region and in the Tarapacá Region, with its projection towards the country and the Central South Andean Region Macro.








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